The Benefits of an
Island Camper

A slide-on camper gives you the flexibility of leaving your camper behind and using your vehicle either on your holiday or at home for other purposes.
Compact lightweight travelling home usually without a requirement for expensive vehicle upgrades.
A slide-on camper can access most destinations with ease often on four wheel drive roads.
No extra cost to travel on the Spirit of Tasmania. They are usually treated as a car.
Finding camping spots is easier than for a caravan or a camper trailer.
Set up usually less than 5 minutes and pack up is immediate. So easy!
Highway stops are no hassle and most of our campers can be used without lifting the roof.
Parking in towns is way easier than with caravans and bigger rigs. Most park spaces are adequate.
Pop Top models are often purchased for garage heights at home or for clearance heights in bush areas as well as less wind resistance on the highway.
Our Leven model give superb performance on the road in terms of stability in truck or wind pressures.
All of our models are made from insulated fibreglass sandwich panel and water problems are a non issue
Islander Campers have been constantly improving the slide-on camper range and they are semi customised to your requirements from our list of options.
No registration costs.
Lower fuel costs.
Easier to store at home.