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Little Henty

Little Henty slide on camper

Lightweight, Weekend Camper

The Little Henty ( named after a river near Zeehan flowing down to Ocean Beach on Tasmanias West Coast) has been designed as a one or 2 person weekend camper . It is ideal as a light weight slide on / slideongoing for quick trips such as surfing, fishing and other activities. The roof of the camper is manually popped up and creates a low resistant vehicle. The walls and ceiling are produced from an insulated composite fibreglass panel based on a steel frame. The camper comes in 7 formats which are outlined on the products page.

The rear door unit comes as a single bed or double bed in both the 2 mt and 2.4mt. The side door unit comes in a basic 2 mt double bed and the 2.4mt single and double bed. The campers are fitted with a list of basic inclusions and a range of optional extras.

We also specialise in Outback campers, ute back campers, flat top campers, tray back campers and tray slide on / slideon campers.

  • Features:

    • Double bed
    • Fiberglass walls and ceiling
    • Low Resistance