• Slide-on campers

    The Leven 2.4 TS

  • The Emu 2.4

    The Emu 2.4

  • Tamar 2.4

    The Tamar 2.4

  • Tamar 1.8

    The Tamar 1.8

  • Meander 2.4

    Meander 2.4

  • Caravans for sale

    Snooze N Cruise

  • Caravans for sale

    Cambridge Breeze

  • Henty slide-on campers

    The Henty 2.4SD

ASK ABOUT THE VARIOUS LENGTHS AND LAYOUTS!Your personalised accommodation unit with security, comfort and reliability.

Islander Campers

Islander Campers is a division of Penguin Composites Pty Ltd.

Islander Campers offers a wide range of high quality slide-on campers to suit your adventure requirements.

We also manufacture the Cambridge caravan , custom build slide-ons and do caravan repairs.

All Islander Campers are designed and produced by our experienced team through an extensive research and development program. We are dedicated to producing a quality product and giving our customers the best service possible.

Purchase an Islander Camper today and holiday in the beautiful natural environment our country has to offer.